It is not just food for the tummy; it is food to feed the soul.


Dine with joy at the Heritage Bagan Hotel with our selection of tantalizing cuisines guaranteed to satisfy and delight your palate. Our Restaurants serve international fare thoughtfully and skilfully prepared by our chefs and made with the freshest and finest ingredients curated both locally and internationally.


Enjoy the Dedicated Authentic Cuisines

Queen Saw was a famous Queen of King Narathihapati of the Bagan Dynasty. Her husband, a king had lust to eat about 300 varieties of delicious dishes for every day of his life.Only Queen Saw could manage to serve 300 delicious dishes of curries and satisfied to her husband’s desire on each day.Nowadays, our dinning try to manage/serve you to varieties of delicious cuisines/curries need like as Queen Saw.

A La Carte Menu

- Appetizer Cold Dish
- Appetizer warm Dish
- Western Special Type Soup
- Asian Special SoupSpecial Type Soup
- Vegetable Corner
- Sandwich,Burger and Pizza
- Fusion Corner Entree


Pasta Selection

Fettuccine, Spaghetti or Penne with Choice of Our Sauce and 
Served Parmesan Cheese on the Side

Special Asian Fried Rice, Noodles and Vermicelli


Indian Food Courses



Myanmar Traditional Food Corner

- Soup
- Side Dishes

Myanmar Traditional Noodles and Soup

Myanmar Various Courses With Choice of Rice Selection

(White Rice or Coconut Rice or Black Bean Rice)

Myanmar Traditional Rice

- Saffron Fried Rice with Eggs and Coriander
- Sham Tea Leaf with Rice
- Burmese Style Lobster Butter Infused Rice and Green Peas
- Sham Style Rice Ball with Chickens

Selection of Asian and Myanmar Corner With Choice of Rice Selection

(White rice or coconut rice or black bean rice)


Drink & Bless by Traditional Spirit


Light Snacks, Soothing Drinks and variety of Fine Wines

Ko Gyi Kyaw is one of the 37 nats (spirit) in the official pantheon of Burmese nats who is the guardian of drunkards and gamblers, and grants wealth to those he favors. Relax by the poolside and enjoy scenic view, light snacks, soothing drinks and variety of fine wine served in Ko Gyi Kyaw Bar.

Red Wine
Red Mountain (Shiraz- Tempranillo)

- Local - Aythaya (Shiraz) - Aythaya (Shiraz)

- Local- Frontera-Shiraz/ Cabernet Sauvignon
- E’got- Cabernet, Merlot

- La Bodega

- Beau Rivage

- Fjeantet Cotes du Rhone

- Tenuta Del Monte-1240

- Coronas-Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon

- Hardy’s Crest-Shiraz

- Hardy’s Crest- Carbernet Sauvignon

- Drosdty Hof-Pinotage

- Trio Reserva-Merlot

- Chateau Clairac

- Cadis- Valpolicella

- Fleur du Cap-Caberne Sauvignon

- Noemie vernaux Bourgogne Pinot Noir

- Prunotto - Flulot Barbera D’asti

- Chapelle de la Trinite

Monte vino Bib
- By Glass
- By Carafe

White & Sparkling Wine

- Red Mountain (Chardonnay)

- Local - Aythaya (Sauvignon Blanc)

- Local - Rose’ D Inle’

- Masfleurey Grande reserve

- Frontera-Moscato

- Sendero-Sauvignon Blanc

- Drosdty Hof-Chenin Blanc

- Beau Rivage

- Vina Sol-Parellada, Grenache Blanc

- Drosdty Hof-Chardonnay

- Gran Vina Sol-Chardonnay, Parellada

- Philippe Drescher Riesling

- Le Charme Loire Valley Pouilly Fume

- Prince de Richemont Demi Sec Sparkling

- Tosti-Gran Cuvee, Notte Di Bolicine (Sparkling wine)


- Special Cuvee Bollinger

Monte vino Bib
- By Glass
- By Carafe